The girl behind the lens


Hi I’m Marcelle Adrianna. 
Some of you will know me around the internet as my nick name 'Cellie' (don't ask how i got it just know that it stuck) 
I live and breathe my camera and I’ve spent my whole life being documented by cameras so it was of no surprise to anyone when I decided to start a business when I turned 17.
I currently live in London where I shoot fashion, lifestyle, weddings and everything in between. 
I started my Tumblr blog in 2011 where I started blogging about my daily life  and where I first started documenting my photography work.For some strange reason people actually liked it. My supporters have grown in the thousands.
So I've decided to dedicate this blog just to my passion and my love.
The photographs.
I'm glad you decided to stop by my little corner of the internet, climb up on the porch as theres more than enough room and enjoy all the stories I have to share with you all though my pictures. 

If you ever want to work with me or even have a question that you want answered out of the realms of my blog drop me an email here:
Don’t forget to stop by my social networks to see what I’m currently working on and to get to know me a little more!