Monday, July 30, 2012

Marcelle how long have you been a photographer?

I get asked this question daily so I think its time I sat down and formed some kind of answer...
How long have I been a photographer? I don’t know if I truly know how to answer that?
I’ve had cameras for as long as I can remember.Me and my dad were like best friends when I was young. He’d take me everywhere with him and remembered everything with a camera. Today we have hundreds of photos he keeps in draws and boxes and folders and even more undeveloped rolls of film. He shot me right up until I was seven archive up on archive and when I was 7 my younger brother joined us and was a another character in our stories shot on film. When I was maybe 11 my mum brought a digital point and shoot and I’d always steal it and take photos with it. I was always getting into trouble when I was caught using it without asking and so life went on until one birthday my god mother gave me some money on my birthday and I spent it all on my first little digital point an shoot. And so it began.The question “What makes someone a photographer” boggles me. I don’t know how to answer it. Its the same with modelling ..I guess you’re never really a proper model until your paid to do it. So I guess I’ll go off that.
Since I brought my first camera I’ve never been without one. EVER. At school you could always bet I had a camera stashed in my bag and I’d make videos and take pictures with my friends during our lunch and break times. Such fun and years I have saved and documented right though til our finishing year. During college I had my first experience photographing with a digital slr and I loved it. I studied graphic design in college but was unable to do a photography course but I don’t regret it. I learnt so much from that course that I use in my every day life. I knew I needed a digital slr for uni and my boyfriend gave me one as a anniversary present the summer before I started.
I still don’t feel like a photographer. I feel hungry, hungry to be better everyday. I think my desire to want to be better can sometimes rival with the love I have for photography itself. In the last two years alone I’ve pushed myself and my cameras. I think aside from the payment you only know when you deserve the title for something. One day I might feel that I’ve earnt it.