Friday, August 3, 2012

You've got me on my knees

My third self portrait for my new 52 week project. I started a 365 project earlier this year the idea behind it is take a portrait every day.. in my case a "self portrait" because I wanted to use it to develop my work. But its alot harder than one would think so I decided to start again and change to the 52 week project where I take one self portrait a week. Wish me luck!

You've got me on my knees
I draw alot of insperation from songs. Especially the oldies... old soul music is my first love when it comes to musical choice. I love the stories behind them especially the love stories. Call me a sap if you please but I relate to them the most. I don't remember what song this line is from but I'm going to start a photo series from this quote for my self portraits and maybe a few shoots.