Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Turning my creative passion into my life's work

As much as I love my fashion, beauty and event work that I do. I really want to branch out into doing some family portraits for over the winter. Including some kiddy and babies , expecting mummies and maybe some couples :) Plus totally revamp my website... I have a qualification in graphics and my website really doesn't reflect this at ALL lool html is just really long and im so lazy to do my website from scratch and get it looking really professional  but this weeks chatty tuesday from alex beadon has really inspired me to do better with my business . I had a long talk with my dad today about how he got to where he is today careerer wise . My dad moved here from Jamaica when he was about my age (21) he didn't have much but the suitcase he brought.Managed to find a job at the local council but it didn't pay very well and he hated it but it helped ends meet. He walked out on it after a while when I was about three one winter. He was sleeping on a mattress in an empty house it was snowing and he had no heater so you can imagine how cold it was . Real slumming it. He promised himself that night that one day he would make it in life and really become something so he could live well and take a plane to work.
Today my dad flies to work EVERY morning and home again he travels the world working in countries like Dubi, Germany, Luxenbourg, Italy and in the middle east .I want to be just like him and with hard work and perseverance I'll get there.Maybe one day I'll be able to take a plane to work.  I admire so many people my age that are doing photography full time. I long for the day just like my dad when I can walk out of my retail job and never look back and like Alex beadon says "turn my creative passion into my lifes work".

Ps here are some of my summer backlog work that I've been working on for hungry eyes :) !