Saturday, July 27, 2013

I shoot in film

I hope you make sense of all my good hearted ramblings today :) 

Day 14/365 

This is antonia. One of the most beautiful creatures I ever did see. 
I spent my day today playing in colours creating delicious hues and crisp accents.  
Emailing and  finishing up client work. Today has been an amazing week in terms of new opportunities and exciting things and places that I’m going to go with photography. I’ve been on a buzz from the excitement of it all… I can’t wait to get these stories and images in my head and make them into frames for you all to see! I was asked this week about my style of photography and found it intriguing that I was unsure about how to describe it. 
I’m obbsessed with light and and colours… I’m obsessed with turquoise and muted yellows, blues and pinks. I love to capture the light at dusk and twilight inside my lens. I see the world through my film camera lens and I pull from the dimension it creates.
I shoot in film. Literally