Monday, September 1, 2014


Soooo a new blog layout! YAY 

A new layout for a new start. For someone who runs a frequently updated personal blog my poor photoblog just always has tumbleweed blowing across it. Its probably because I've never been fully happy with the design. 
I'm still not ...but this is a start. 
I'll be making tweaks and what not as I'm still trying to muddle my way around HTLM (which can I add is the devil!) 
But I've managed to pull a minimal and fluid layout together *dusts shoulders off*. Which should entice me to post more here.

I've also decided to be my own kind of photography blogger and break the rules. 
I always see photographers posting on their blogs lovely photo series of their shoots like 40 per post *clutches chest* 
I on the other hand have always been bad at posting a series of consecutive photographs and I'm not sure why. I really struggle. I always want the series to be perfect (and if you know me you know I shoot up to 1000 photographs per shoot) and with my retouch time per photo aint no body got time to be retouching all of those photographs so I never do. 
But I've decided to start. 
Even if a series of photographs aren't complete just like my personal blog I vow to post them all and I've decided to do so in volumes. So if you see the same shoot pop up with volumes 1,2,3 and so on you will now understand why.I have way too many photographs sitting on my hardrive with no one looking at them but me. So its time for a change!! 
I've already posted up all the images of the lovely Khari from D1Models who is an absolute sweet heart and who now has girls in my inbox lusting after him *side eye* . 
One last disclaimer though this is a photoblog and although I have a certificate for my english GCSE I am by no means JK Rowling and I was absent in year two when the rest of my class got to learn how to use commas so you will all deal  ;) 
 But I digress 

So here's to the new adventure! 
Hip hip! 

And so I leave you with some images of my new mac that I will be blogging on thanks to my beloved dad!

Marcelle x