Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 25/365

So this week I did ALOT of kit shopping for things that I've needed for the longest while and whilst there is more to come I thought I'd share what I've received so far as I love getting packages. My week has been crazy. I've been riding to university as I don't have any times throughout my day to work out so a 40 min ride there and back is a god send whilst riding I'm listening to business lectures which have been a great help . My mornings and early afternoons are usually spent in lectures (whilst writing emails on my iphone *covers face) and I'm then locked up in the library until 10pm getting through my extensive to do list. This is followed by a ride home. I actually had to spend one night up until 5am washing my hair because I have NO hours in the day to do it. Phew what a week! I'm glad its friday but i'm still fitting this post in around the work I have to do. Bring on next week!! Happy friday everyone!!