Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mulan @ Bookings Models

I shot these portraits of Mulan as part as a series I had planned for my uni project. At the last min my tutors wanted me to change my concept (which I will be posting next) so I've decided to real ease what I was working on. I'm still not sure If I'm going to continue the project for my final major project but I might just continue it. My next post will explain the concept of the project but Im happy with how these images came out considering the lighting conditions I had to shoot them in. I shot them at dusk when the last bit of light was seeping through the windows with my ISO bumped as high as it could possibly go and with my light disintegrating my camera was struggling to focus which created an out of focus soft quality that the photographs have which I love. I remember when I first started shooting and before I went to art school I was at a normal university and they were always pushing me to be "technically" correct but luckily for me Art school has undone all of that constraint. Although I do have the ability to shoot a good technically shot photograph I also know the value of one that isn't and sometimes those are the best pieces of work